Here are some reviews of Sik og Sejs:

"One of the finest Danish traditional music albums ever recorded."
Allan Klitgaard, Denmark’s Radio wrote in the Danish folk magazine, Folk og Musik.

" It can be a challenge performing music for dancing to a "listening" audience, but here it succeeds by virtue of the musicians commitment, sheer joy of playing together and their technical ability."
Søren Chr. Kirkegaard, Jyllands-Posten.

"All three musicians are experienced in other musical traditions; by focusing on Fanø music here they bring out it’s distinctiveness, making a notable step forward in the clarification of Danish traditional dance music, something of a landmark album."
Andrew Cronshaw, Folk Roots.

"Despite their wide experience, this CD is focused solely on the music of Fano, and it is truly delightful. Some dances have an eerie longing to them, as if waiting for the old dancers to take the floor. Others are jaunty and rolling, like the sea itself. Most of these tunes have not been recorded before. This is a fine CD, one I'd recommend without hesitation."
Dirty Linen, USA

"ULC´s sonderhoning arrangements are way beyond folk music: I'll never be able to see a dark stormy sky again without sonderhoning melodies in my head."
Patrice George, designer, musician and dance instructor, New York City