Masquerade - is the term for a festive get-together where intense pleasure and euphoric anticipation go hand in glove with wild carnival abandon and creative introspection.
The music that this project presents is both very old and totally new. Very traditional and yet very progressive. No sooner has the music recognised its origins and its source in the universe of dance music than an ostinato, a solo or an air sticks out from the comfortable, conformity of the tradition - and ingeniously teases musical historicity with corners, angles and edges that we hardly knew existed.
Once again we have found the musical material in neatly hand-written Danish music books from the 18th century. The musical idiom is exciting, different and cosmopolitan. The songs come from the rich pastures of the more lyrical side of the Irish song tradition.
Our guest musicians have been a great pleasure to work with. Liam O'Flynn, uilleann pipes and whistle, is without doubt one of the most outstanding exponents of Irish traditional music, and he and the 2002 World Champion in bones, Yirdy Machar have impressed their talents into the very fabric of this project. Welcome to the MASQUERADE.
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The release of their second CD entitled Spring in June 2000 is the result of combining traditional folk music with approaches from jazz. The source for many of the selections on this CD is the wealth of fascinating Danish sheet music from the eighteenth century, collections of which active and experienced folk-musicians and researchers have been working through for some years. The music on this CD also includes traditional songs from Ireland, reflecting that country’s history, and collected from various places around the world.
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In February 1999 ULC released their first CD entitled SIK og SEJS, a recording of traditional dance music from the Danish island of Fanø, which was highly acclaimed both in Denmark and abroad.